Learn The U$10 Billion TRANSFORM Sales Process That Helps Corporate Sales People Win Big Transactions Faster
Keep Reading if You're Experiencing:
  • Stress and lack of sleep due to poor sales results
  • Struggling to win deals and hit your sales targets
  • Boss breathing down your neck for short-term results
  • Deals have stalled and are stuck in decision pending
  • ​You are stressed about your sales and worried about job security
  • ​You are unsure how to win against aggressive competition
  • ​You are unsure what tools and techniques to use to win big transactions faster
"You Won’t Transform Your Sales Growth Unless You
TRANSFORM Your Sales Process"
Our 43-page nine-module TRANSFORM sales guide provides everything you need to know to win big transactions faster


Smartly identify ideal target clients including determining what events generate a demand for your service


Proven steps to effectively research and reach your ideal clients


Six-step method to better approach clients where they see you as delivering value not selling


Advanced needs analysis tool to help you uncover the client's real requirements 


Implementation of an additional sales stage to radically increase conversion rates


Techniques and methods to finalize a compelling pitch that differentiates your business from the competition


the yes more frequently through three steps that close more business faster


Learn strategies for more efficient implementation that realizes revenues faster


Obtain tools to manage existing business in innovative new ways for growth and referrals.

Target Client Analyzer

Ensures you determine and pursue the right target clients

Research Cost Industry Analyzer

Provides insights to researching the customer's financial supply chain

Approach Growth Meeting Planner

Template to better prepare for more effective client-focused meetings

Needs Analysis Questioning Funnel

Provides guidelines to understand the client needs at multiple levels including macro and industry

Summarize Client Current Situation vs Ideal State Vision

This tool introduces one extra sales process step to significantly increase your sales conversion rates

Finalize Compelling Pitch Tool

Provides guidelines for a customer-focused and differentiated pitch

Obtain The Yes Price Sandwich Tool

You get techniques to confidently position the price and sell the value

Realize Effective Implementation Planning Tool

Insights for an effective implementation to generate revenue faster

Manage Client Account Management Matrix

Guidelines to maximize opportunity and revenues from existing clients
Who Is This Sales Guide For?
  • Institutional bankers figuring out which clients to target
  • Corporate card sales managers working out how to achieve sales targets 
  • Foreign Exchange representatives working out strategies for growth 
  • VP’s looking to implement a standardized, scalable sales process
  • Graduates and new starters looking to learn Corporate Financial sales best practice
  • Commercial bankers looking to grow existing business
  • Sales Directors struggling with a weak and unpredictable sales pipeline 
Improve your sales results with our nine-step proven process TRANSFORM
Who Am I?
Mark Swain spent twenty-five years in strategic financial and banking  sales in senior roles for American Express & ANZ bank.
Having started out as a trainee salesperson in a hi-fi shop he steadily     progressed to doing some of the world’s largest financial sales  transactions with some of the biggest global companies.

Mark has had to figure out how to achieve his own sales target for three   decades and brings forward learnings from thousands of meetings and   hundreds of presentations.

Mark realized midway through his career that the best salespeople are not the smoothest talkers or best presenters. He realized the best salespeople are the most customer focused and have a proven and repeatable sales process.

This learning led to him building the TRANSFORM sales process which spawned U$10 Billion in new transaction values mandated and U$100  Million of profits won. These outcomes were a stark contrast to his early career of struggling to hit sales targets and achieve deal wins.

Why I Had to Develop This Sales Guide?
 I know what it’s like to have no sleep worrying where the sales and new business is coming from.

 I know what it’s like to have to figure out a way to achieve a sales target that seems unrealistic and out of reach…. You end up feeling stressed and worn out   at the end of the day, and even though it’s not something we ever want to admit out loud… resentment can begin to creep in.

 I know what it’s like to look in the mirror and know you are not going to achieve your sales  target or win much business… the self-loathing and doubt I experienced was horrible.

 I know what it’s like to be worrying about job security as my results were not at the desired target level.

 I know what it’s like to be unsure and not confident in where to target for new business opportunities.

 I know what it feels like to be in these situations, because I’ve been in every. Single. One.

 The stress and worry of failure I experienced during these points in my career were overwhelming …

 I also know what it looks like on the other side.

 I know what it feels like to confidently and consistently win big transactions that add significant value to target customers.

 I know what it feels like to sleep well at night knowing I’m focusing on the customer not on the sale to generate great results.

 I know how empowering it feels when the sales process clicks into place and you use customer focus and process discipline to create great opportunity.

 I know how great it feels having a repeatable sales process that consistently generates sales out performance.

 I know that you can TRANSFORM your sales results and achieve better recognition, less stress and great rewards.

 …where you don’t just improve you TRANSFORM

My Money Back Guarantee?
 I guarantee if you don't change something, nothing will change. If you're   new to sales it could be learning how to sell more confidently so you get more deals. If you are experienced it could be selling more effectively so you win more transactions faster.

  I’m so confident that this methodology and the steps in this guide will   transform your current sales process, I am prepared to give you a full refund if it doesn’t. Just email me back on info@markswain.com.au

 Invest U$29 today to learn the proven process that has generated U$10 Billion in deal values and U$100 million in profits.

 I will not only show you how to increase your Corporate Financial sales but  give you the practical step by step tools to do it.
Digital Version
What I found remarkable about this book, No Sales, No Sleep was Mark’s ability to simplify the sales process into nine steps which he calls TRANSFORM – one letter for each step of the process .

Mark’s TRANSFORM process can be applied to any sales process. He gives you detailed worksheets where you can plan your sales process and be successful .

Glenis Phillips,
CEO Financial Mappers

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Many women in Bangladesh who live in the slums have no skills and cannot help provide for their families.

Sewing training for women (many of whom are the mothers of the school children) greatly enhances their self-esteem and their ability to assist their family. 

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